4 Tips For Finding The Best Food While Traveling

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Traveling is one of the most exciting things you can do! Whether you’re jet-setting with a significant other, friends, solo, or traveling with kids, food remains an essential aspect of your journey. In fact, it’s so important that 70% of travelers choose destinations based on food and drinks! What you eat can elevate your experience and leave lasting memories. So, how can you find the best food while traveling?

Here’s what you need to know:

1. Research Extensively Before You Travel

Your eating habits may seem common, but they could be very different in another country! So, before you jet off, ensure you’ve read about your destination’s food and culinary culture. If you’re heading to a country with different times or norms around meals (like Spain for example), you’ll discover that dinner is eaten at 8 pm (which may feel really late!).

When you research, you know what to expect and take measures to ensure you can still enjoy food. 

2. Visit Local Markets & Cafes

Visiting local markets and cafes will give you nothing but the best food while traveling! These venues allow you to interact with locals and get unique insights into activities, restaurants, and sights you can do, eat, or see while visiting.

Most importantly, these dining options allow you to enjoy meals made with fresh ingredients! For example, if you’re planning a trip across the USA, you must ensure that California is included on your list. Apart from the amazing sights and sounds, some of the best cafes in California serve delicious meals that you can’t get anywhere else (like acai bowls or the original avocado toast!).

One way to see a café serves great food is by checking out if they have long queues. Queues might not be fun to join, but it’s a sign that whatever’s being sold there is likely delicious. 

3. Check Online Recommendations

If you want to know how to find the best food while traveling, you might have to turn to the experts: locals, bloggers, influencers, and travel agents. These people can offer information on where to find the best food sources at your destination. With the internet becoming a hotbed for all kinds of information, it’s very easy to find blogs and social media sites dedicated to sharing food information, too! Plus, you can translate web pages or posts if they’re written in another language. 

4. Embrace Menus In Different Languages

Many restaurants (in countries around the world!) carry English versions of their menus, especially if it’s not their first language. You no longer need to worry if you’re not fluent in a particular language. Plus, in situations where there aren’t English menus, you can easily use an app to translate. However, to truly enjoy your meals while traveling, it would be best to trust local menus and remain open to trying new dishes

One of the best things about visiting somewhere new—whether you travel internationally or domestically—is getting to know more about your destination (and its food!). Use these tips for your next trip, and see how much fun traveling can be!

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