Mom Hacks

5 Unique Ways To Announce Your Pregnancy

pregnant mom getting ready to announce her pregnancy

Expanding your family is so exciting! Whether it’s your first child or a new youngest sibling, it’s never too soon to plan how you’re going to share the news with family and friends. Here are some fun, unique ways to announce your pregnancy!

1. Announce via Earworm

Do you have a song or commercial jingle stuck in your head? That’s an earworm! An earworm is a catchy tune or lyric that’s so memorable that it stays in your memory bank for a long time. Take your baby post to the next level by announcing via earworm.

Find a nursery rhyme with catchy lyrics and create a post around that song. For example, Baby Shark, is the perfect tune to announce your pregnancy! Start with cardstock, cut out letters, paste a shark onto the cover, and share your new favorite announcement in a way everyone will remember.

2. Create a Movie Poster

Consider creating a movie poster. Movie posters are edge-of-your-seat exciting, and using them as a pregnancy post is even better! Start by using a template online, add the ultrasound photo into the mix, and then use your expectant date where the film’s release date shows.

Family and friends will get a kick out of the tagline and happily welcome your newest addition to the family on the “release date.”

3. Put a Twist on the Saying “Bun in the Oven”

Do you love old-timey sayings, like “bun in the oven”? If so, put your own twist on it! “Bun in the oven” is a classic and might be easier to do than other euphemisms. Start by pretending you are getting ready to place a bun on a sheet pan in the oven. This is a light-hearted way of showing you’ve got a special someone coming soon.

4. Try Out Lottery Tickets

One fun way to let grandparents, siblings, parents, and other family members in on the news is by using scratch-off lottery tickets. Many companies sell these novelty scratch cards that lead to an exciting prize: a new family member!

5. Start Planning for the Nursery

With all the news of your pregnancy, don’t forget to plan when to set up the nursery! Whether you’re DIY-ing the room or purchasing items to make a picturesque space for your little one, it’s good to start thinking about your baby’s nursery long before her or she arrives.

There’s so much to plan! And when it comes to this creative baby announcement idea, there’s a lot to prepare. Take it one day at a time and consider staging the announcement photo in your soon-to-be nursery space!