Dear Busy Mama: Stop Ignoring Your Health Issues

mom with health issues

Hey busy mama, if you’re prone to ignoring health issues—whether because you don’t want to face the reality of sickness, have a hard time prioritizing yourself, or you flat-out hate going to the doctor—it is time to change your approach. No matter how old you are, ignoring your health issues can cause severe problems for you, your family, and your personal and professional life.

A Healthy Lifestyle Is Easily Attainable

Those who have ignored their health for too long believed that there’s no use in making significant lifestyle changes now. They think that they have done enough damage and they are not capable of getting fit and healthy, even if they have obvious health problems. But, attaining a healthy lifestyle is easier than you think. You don’t need to become a bodybuilder or star athlete. There are plenty of simple outdoor activities you can do to get into shape, and many of these are free!

Small Issues Can Become Worse 

You wouldn’t ignore a weird noise in your car or a dripping tap in your home because you know that it could get worse and cause severe damage. . . so why would you ignore minor issues with your health? Putting things off can not only help you avoid long-term pain but you can be more aware of your needs and potentially prevent issues before they start, too!

The more you know about your body and the health of your loved ones, the better. Don’t put something off because you think it’s too expensive, too early, or not a big deal. Small issues can snowball, so the sooner they are addressed, the better!

You Need to Be There For Your Family 

Your health is not something that impacts only you. Poor health can also affect your family both physically and emotionally, and ignoring warning signs can put them at a greater risk of contraction depending on whether or not a sickness or ailment can be spread.

You’ll also want to consider medical costs and how this can impact your family greatly if issues are left untreated. Medical debt is a serious issue; in fact, statics show around 12% of Americans owing at least $100,000 in bills. Even if you have insurance, you can still encounter severe problems relating to your finances and your health. The longer you ignore treatment, the more the cost will become. 

Make Changes Right Now

Ignoring your health issues may seem harmless because, as a busy mom, it’s not uncommon to prioritize your children and household over your own needs. But, this doesn’t have to be the norm! Pay attention to your body, listen to yourself, and take the steps to make YOU a priority.

Even if it ends up that nothing is wrong, at least you now have peace of mind. 

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