Mom’s Guide To More Income: 4 Simple Money-Makers

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The basics of balancing a budget are simple. . .you just need to have more coming in than you do going out! However, as a mom, balancing your budget while sustaining your family’s health and wellbeing is anything but easy! Whether you’re in the market for new income or just looking for simple money-makers to keep your family afloat, here are a few things you can add to your schedule for some extra cash.

1. Sell on eBay 

You can easily make money from home by selling and reselling on eBay! You can even go as far as having a courier pick up packages from your home so you don’t have to worry about heading out to the post office every day. 

To be successful at selling on eBay, you will not only need to consider the type of product that you will sell, but make sure that you understand how to create great listings, tag your items, and take great photos as well.

Check out the video below for more info on how to get started:

2. Invest in the stock market

Another one of the easiest money-makers is investing in the stock market. In fact, those who are successful can earn huge dividends from investing (although keep in mind that profit is not guaranteed). 

Investing is a great option for busy moms because it’s a task that can be done easily from home (if you choose the right platform). You will want to look for a trading platform like Metatrader 5 which is a full-service suite that allows you to complete all the necessary analysis within a single tool. This ‘full-service’ makes investing faster and a lot less complicated. 

3. Offer Childcare Services

One of the most straightforward ways of increasing your income as a mom is offering childcare to other busy parents. In fact, many people are looking for childcare they can trust at a reasonable price, especially as nurseries and daycares can come with a hefty price tag.

Even at a reasonable price, you can still make a considerable amount of income! And the best part is that this job fits easily into your role as a caregiver for your child. Of course, there are some important things you must do before you begin to offer childcare services such as getting your background (and potentially your home) checked, as well as coming up with curriculum, material/products, and resources if you’re planning on teaching, which you can learn more about here or on Microschooling Mama.

4. Dog Walking 

If you already have a pup, or love going on a long walk every day, then offering a dog walking service can be another one of the easiest money-makers! People that are out at work all day will pay a premium to have someone walk and spend time with their furry friends.

You may even consider dog walking as something you can do with your children, depending on their age, comfort around animals, and demeanor of the pets. This income stream can also act as an effective way to encourage your child to get plenty of exercise and fresh air. 

Do you have other money-making suggestions? Share with us & head to our blog to read more tips.

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