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3 Tips To Reduce Your Deep-Cleaning Time

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Sometimes it feels like housework never ends, am I right?! And this is true regardless of whether you’re a stay-at-home parent or a working parent, have a few children or none at all. Just as you get a handle on that big pile of dishes, someone with a filthy plate appears. . . or, someone inevitably leaves crumbs all over the freshly cleaned table after you’ve dusted the entire home.

For many of us, housework is an unavoidable – and vexing – aspect of life. However, as any responsible adult knows, there are ways to reduce your deep-cleaning time. By making small changes, you can streamline your cleaning routine and decrease the time you spend doing chores. Here’s how:

Invest In Storage Bins 

Storage bins are game-changers for families, but especially if you’re the parent of little child(ren) or live in a smaller space. Separating different objects in different bins and storage cubbies, boxes, and shelves will help you eliminate clutter and keep your home cleaner. Small children can also learn to organize and tidy up when there are recognized ‘homes’ for everything.

Storage bins work in every area, too. For example, recycling and paper trash bins in the kitchen; clothing, books, and toy cubbies and bins in bedrooms; and specific shelving and bins for toiletries, health and beauty goods etc. in the bathroom. To give your youngster a sense of authority and participation, let them delegate their own containers and storage area. If your child is involved in the process, there will be even more buy-in for actually using the bins!

Prioritize Window Treatments

Thinking about windows and window treatments might not be the first thing that comes to mind when you think about reducing your deep-cleaning time, but depending on the treatments you have in your house, you may be spending more time cleaning than necessary!

Instead, try to wash your curtains and drapes every few months and pat them down with the windows open in-between washes. If you keep on top of this monthly process, you can cut down on dusting, for example, which can be far more extensive than just tossing fabric in the wash. 

Upgrade Your Gadgets & Appliances

Investing in appliances and other useful items around the house may help you save a lot of time (and potentially money, too!) when it comes to cleaning. Installing a garbage disposal in your kitchen, for example, can reduce the amount of food waste you have to deal with. A dehumidifier in the bathroom can reduce humidity and cut your shower-scrubbing time in half (less mildew!). And investing in closet shelving can help organize your clothing, resulting in less time ironing and putting things away.

Another great way to cut down on your deep-cleaning time is to hire a service to clean big areas like your carpets. You can learn more about carpet cleaning services and why, despite the price, they may be worth it to lessen your load. In summary, you can drastically reduce the amount of time you spend cleaning and organizing your home with just a few strategies and purchases. Try to change things up and see if it improves your lifestyle!

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