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5 Tips For Making Your Pool Safe For Kids

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Nothing is more fun or refreshing on hot summer days than splashing around in a pool! While water safety measures might seem obvious for adults and teenagers, small children need extra help protecting themselves. Accidents can happen quickly, so make sure to prepare your space for plenty of fun in the sun. Here are five tips for making your pool safe for kids that every parent should know:

Teach Safety Skills

Before you put on their floaties and let them jump in, take some time to teach your kids some essential safety skills. Make sure they know not to run near the pool and where the deep and shallow ends meet. It may also be helpful to get in some swimming lessons so that they know how to keep themselves afloat. Teaching these skills will ensure that you cover all of your bases to keep your child safe.

Build a Fence

Children wander around places they aren’t supposed to be all the time. Building a fence around your pool will ensure that they never stray too close to the water’s edge. Your barrier should be at least four feet high and free of any significant gaps or cracks. You should also invest in a sturdy gate lock so clever kids can’t get past your barricades unsupervised.

Use Pool Covers

Dangers don’t leave when you get out of the pool! Kids are bright and often find ways to get out of the house and into the pool all on their own. In the event that your little one sneaks past your eagle eyes, use pool covers to keep them from going under. Countless accidents occur when drains suck kids in by their hair and limbs, so mount drain covers while you’re at it.

Install an Alarm System

All parents with pools could benefit from a pool alarm system. These devices have sensors that will make noise whenever someone makes contact with the water. This tip for making your pool safe for kids has saved countless lives and eased parents’ minds when they can’t be everywhere at once. You could also install motion sensors near your back door and windows so your system will alert you when someone is in an unsafe situation.

Design Safe Features

Did you know that there are design features you can add to your pool to enhance your safety conditions? Installing bullnose pool coping pavers eliminates sharp edges around the perimeter with their rounded shape. This way, your children are less likely to cut themselves if they fall or bump into your pool’s edge. You can also incorporate non-slip decking material around your pool to reduce slipping hazards.

Your pool should be a space for everyone to have fun, not injure themselves. Use these tips to create a safe area for summer activities and make precious memories with your family!

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