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5 Ways To Make Your Minimalist Home Feel Cozier

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Minimalism is one of the more contemporary trends, but sometimes this design style can feel a little… well, basic. Plain or white colors, simple decor—for many, this is preferred—but for some, minimalism gives off the vibe that something is missing. But your home doesn’t have to boring! Whether you’re a huge fan of the less-is-more design or just dabbling for the first time, here are five ways to make your minimalist home feel cozier. 

Choose a Warm Paint Color

If you can, you need to try to choose a warm paint color. Grey might look good, but if you want your home to feel warm, then you need to choose cream, pastels, or other neutral tones. Eggshell paint or even a satin sheen might look modern, but these colors do not evoke feelings of calm. Try to match the paint color with your decor, too, to try things together. 

Incorporate Some Wood

Wood is ideal, as it can instantly warm a room. Even if you just have a hint of wood, you can easily (and radically) transform the way that a room feels. Swap vinyl or laminate for hardwood (or purchase vinyl that looks like hardwood). You can also tie your floors in with wood furniture or even wood shelving to create connections from room to room. Even little things like bowls, pedestals, and trays can make a big difference.

Layer with Some Rugs

If you want to make your minimalist home feel cozier, then get some rugs! There are vintage rugs, pet-friendly rugs, and even outdoor rugs. Rugs can easily add charm and warmth to your home, not to mention rugs are decently priced compared to other home renovations.

Add Texture

You can easily incorporate texture through things like window treatments, layered blankets, or furniture. You can also add art and pillow covers if you want, too. Adding texture can instantly bring areas of your home together and create a warm charm. Of course, you can also install a new heating system, too, if the temperature is actually the problem.

Blend the Old with the New

One very important way to make your minimalist home cozier is to opt for vintage or even antique pieces. These items don’t need to be family heirlooms or anything else of the sort. In fact, if you buy second-hand furniture and you may find that these ‘gently used’ pieces create a lot of charm in your space. Plus, if you have wood in the space already, even the most mismatched items will look connected.

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