6 Best Kid-Friendly, Non-Toxic Sunscreens of 2020

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It’s a few weeks into summer and Austin (my boyfriend’s son) has already gotten a sunburn. 🙈 Ugh, why didn’t anyone tell me being a mom was so hard?! Just kidding, but seriously—the sun is no joke. If you want to protect yourself and your kiddos with some of the best and safest products, here’s a list of the top non-toxic sunscreens.

First, let’s talk about mineral-based sunscreens:

Mineral sunscreen is exactly what it sounds like—made from minerals (like zinc and titanium) that help protect in more natural, chemical-free ways. In one of the latest studies on sunscreen, chemical sunscreens (which we’ve more-thank-likely been using) contain chemicals that, when absorbed into the skin through application, can be extremely dangerous.

That’s why choosing something mineral-based (which doesn’t absorb into the skin as much and isn’t as harmful to the environment) is the way to go.

Here are the best brands:

1. For the Faces (Both Parents + Kids)

Ren Satin Perfection, Non-Toxic Sunscreens
Let’s be clear: this sunscreen isn’t the cheapest on this list. But it’s by far one of the best when it comes to protecting your face and the faces of your little ones. This mineral-based sunscreen is completely hypoallergenic and made with a higher SPF for longer protection than most face sunscreens.
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2. For Families On-the-Go

Beautycounter Countersun, Non-Toxic Sunscreens
If spray sunscreens are your think (which trust me, with kids I get it!) then this mist by Beautycounter is a great choice. It still has the higher SPF 30 but comes in a bottle that’s a lot easier to navigate. Plus, since it’s mineral-based, it’s safe for bodies and faces.
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3. For the Sporty Families

Bare Republic, Non-Toxic Sunscreens
For the families running from one sporting event to the next, Bare Republic has a higher SPF 50 brand that’s easy to roll on (just like deodorant). It’s chemical free, of course, and is water resistant up to 80 minutes. This is great for the kids you just can’t drag out of the water often enough to reapply!
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4. For the Ani-Aging Benefits

Biossance Squalane + Mineral, Non-Toxic Sunscreens
This is an excellent brand, especially for protecting your face! For kids and adults alike, it’s safe and non-toxic. The main ingredients are rice and seed oil for less exposure to chemicals and other carcinogens. The only downside is that it’s only SPF 15, which means being more conscious about re-applying throughout the day.
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5. For the Sun-Lovers

Sun Bum, Non-Toxic Sunscreens
Sun Bum is one of my favorite sunscreen brands because it’s based in California and has such a great message! Sun protection isn’t about avoiding the sun, it’s about embracing it. And you can with their mineral-based, reef-safe SPF 50 sunscreen.
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6. For Babies + Those with Sensitive Skin

Babo, Non-Toxic Sunscreens
For little ones and people with sensitive skin, this sheer and gentle sunscreen is great to add protection without any irritants. Even the best mineral-based, non-toxic sunscreens can have irritants in them—this brand contains no allergens or mineral oils. It’s also gluten, dairy, and soy-free and water resistant up to 80 minutes.
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These are our top picks for non-toxic sunscreens in 2020.
What are your favorites and recommendations?
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