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Simple Home Upgrade: Dark Window Treatments

When you are renovating your home, thinking about your windows and considering window treatments might not be the first thing on your mind. We tend to think of curtains as being an ‘extra’ that adds style to the room and stops the windows from looking bare, but there is a lot more to them than that, especially when it comes to thick curtains. 

Thick, heavy curtains have a wide range of benefits (and this is what makes them perfect for any room!). Although they can be pricey at times, it may be worth spending a little. Here are some reasons why you may want to consider them:

1. They’re Great For Sound-Proofing

Whether you have an infant or a teenager, sound-proofing can come in handy with nap and bedtime! And rather than investing in a pricey window replacement, you can easily reduce outside noises by shifting to thicker curtains. This heavier material will muffle the sound and allow your child’s room to feel both safe and relaxing. 

2. They’re A Cheap But Aesthetic Upgrade

Heavy, lined curtains tend to look more expensive and more sophisticated than cheaper, thinner curtains. So, if you are looking for inexpensive ways to make your home appear more stylish, this is an easy way to make a dramatic shift. 

You may want to think about complimenting the colors of the room, embracing neutrals (that will look good in every room – even if you move!), or going with a darker shade to add a bit of contrast and boldness.

3. They Improve Acoustics

We often talk about curtains for their sound-proofing effects, but there’s a lot to be said about the acoustics, too! If you are a music lover, then heavier curtains help to create a sound ‘circle’ where everything feels more rounded and full. Rather than the sound ‘bouncing off the walls’ (if you will), in a curtained room there’s a heaviness that allows you to experience the sound differently (and arguably better!).

4. They Support Sleep

If you (or your child) struggles to get to sleep at night, (especially when it comes to light) then there is no denying that heavy lined curtains are a godsend! This thicker fabric provides a room-darkening or even black-out effect that is conducive to restful, uninterrupted sleep no matter the time of day. 

5. They Insulate The Room

In colder temperatures, heavier curtains help to trap the warmth and keep drafts from creeping in. However, even in the warmer months, the insulating effects help to regulate the interior temperature. So, if it’s cool in the room, this cooler air will stay within the room rather than seeping out (or letting hot air trickle in).

Featured Image Credit: Jorge Salvador
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