5 Simple Activities To Do With Your Kids

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Parent 101: Spend Time With Your Children. Of course this is something that every parent knows, but what does that actually look like, especially when our schedules are busy, we’re running around from one activity to another, and our kids may be growing up and less inclined to hang with their ‘uncool parents.’ Well, whether you’re out of ideas or just looking for a refresh, here are some easy activities to do with your kids.

Game Night 

Spending time with your children helps them to create a bond with you, and a Game Night is perfect for that! Plus, children can develop social skills through playing interactive games and other activities with you as their model. This teaches them how to interact with other people and will give them valuable life skills.

Board games are not just for kids. Adults can enjoy them, too! Board games help to improve math, reading, logic, and problem-solving skills.

Movie Night 

A movie night at home with your children is a great way to spend time and bond with them. You can rent a DVD or stream a movie and then make popcorn and snacks for the kids.

There are many reasons why this is such a great idea: The first reason is that it’s relatively inexpensive to do this instead of going out to the theater. Another reason is that it’s really hard these days to find things that both of you like, so why not make your own movie list? The third reason is that you’re buying snacks! So, if they enjoy the night, they might be more likely to be willing to try different things in the future.

Arts and Crafts 

When you spend time doing arts and crafts with your children, you are able to connect with them in a way that seems very natural. Arts and crafts are not just for kids – this is something that any parent can enjoy. Arts and crafts helps children to be creative, problem-solve, build, and interact hands-on.

PS: Check out this fun video from our founder and her son using a Kiwi Crate!

Arts & crafts also provide an opportunity for parents to bond with their children while sharing their own creativity. There are many different arts and craft projects available online, and you can visit an online store similar to Glue Guns Direct and Hobbycraft to find the supplies you may need!  

Baking Together 

It is often difficult for some parents to find the right activities for kids that are both enjoyable and educational. However, there are many simple things that even the busiest parents can do at home with their children… like baking together!

There is nothing more rewarding than seeing your child’s face light up after they help you make something delicious like cookies or cupcakes! It can also help you to teach them to eat healthily. 

Read Together

Reading together is not only an activity that improves the parent-child relationship but also a way to teach children valuable skills that they can use in school.

There are many benefits of reading together. It can help children develop language skills, improve their vocabulary, and make them more creative. However, parents shouldn’t be too hard on themselves if they find it challenging to find time for reading at home. One day at a time, and only small segments at a time!

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