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How To Make Your Home Fit Your Family

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When you invest in a home—whether renting or buying—building, designing, and intentionally creating something that will fit your family is so important. A house is lovely, but making your house your home makes all the difference for connection and camaraderie.

And in a family unit, where you live says so much about how your family functions.

Whether you just purchased a home and are looking to make it your own, you’ve lived in a space for years and want to shift what it looks and feels like, or you’re renting and want to do some little shifts while planning for the future, here are some ways to make your home fit your family.

What Does Making A House Your ‘Home’ Really Mean?

When we think of ‘home,’ certain things pop into our minds. A lot of those things will be specific to where we grew up or who we grew up with, what our childhood homes looked like, or what we define as ‘home’ (people, places, spaces, etc.).

So, building a ‘home’ may mean different things to you, your significant other, and your children.

As you think about creating your family home, ask yourself: “What does home mean to us?” Make that a starting point! Then, think about the basic themes and styles: architectural, modern, mid-century modern, farmhouse, boho chic, etc. No matter what you love, there’s a way to make it happen in your home.

Start With The Outside

There are so many different areas of your home that will need love to become yours.

Start with the exterior, as this is often the easiest place to make changes. This includes things like a fresh coat of paint, washing the windows, updating outer features (for example light fixtures), or landscaping. If you have an outdoor area, you can create a garden with your children, update the stones, or even create a personalized stepping stone with your kids to commemorate your new place!

Even if you don’t have a great outdoor area, you can add plants around your front door, a hanging sign or wreath, or even do something as small as add an intentional outdoor rug to create a homey vibe.

Make Tiny Changes

When you first move into a new place, it can feel exciting to try to make something new. But, if you’re too quick to make so many changes, those changes can quickly feel overwhelming. While renovations and updates may be due (depending on the age of your new home), don’t worry about doing everything at once. Start with one room or area at a time, and start with a little update first.

Also, get your kids involved! If there are changes to be made for their rooms, find little ways that they can help (doing a first layer of paint, gathering materials, planning the layout, etc.) The more the whole family is involved, the more connected everyone will be!

Consider Storage

Storage is really important when it comes to moving into a new space. Whether you’re trying to make room for more items in an upgrade, or trying to lessen your load in a downsize, storage can be fun, creative, and useful for making space for your whole family! 

As you think about storage, think outside of the *box.* Items that aren’t typically used that often can be stored away (attic, basement, or shed). Items that will be frequently used can be ‘homed’ on bookshelves, cupboards, intentionally placed in baskets or layered. 

Be Intentional

The biggest consideration when trying to make your new home fit your family is to remember that intentionality should be the focus. This means that regardless of whether you’re renovating or cleaning, painting or playing board games, focus on ways to grow together. 

Moving into a new space can be intimidating at times, but when you work together, you’ll feel more connected and excited about where you’re living and how it looks.

Don’t Stress

Remember that it can take a little bit of time to sink into the newness of your home and create something personal and cozy. If things feel strange at first, don’t stress! Take time and build intentional moments of connection: game nights, movie nights, etc. to create a sense of both work and play in your new space.

Need other tips? Read this post on how to make your home more personal!

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