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Navigating the education world as a parent can be challenging. Here are tips, resources, and education-related content to support you in your journey.

tips for parents learning to homeschool

7 Tips To Make Homeschool (And Summer School) A Breeze

What does school look like in the wake of a pandemic? This is a question I’ve been asking myself (since March) as I’ve transitioned from being a mother figure to full-time homeschool teacher, to part-time teacher during remote summer school, to stressing about what’s to come as August rolls around. This is the ongoing fear of all parents right now—what if homeschool is the new normal? The scary part is, no one knows. But as a teacher and determined mama, I’m not going to let my son struggle—regardless of whether he’s learning on campus or at home. (And I know many of you are with me on that one!) The good thing is, there are so many incredible resources out there to make homeschool and summer school a little less overwhelming. Here are some tricks and handy templates to take a little of the stress away: