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How To Create A More Nature-Infused Home

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Sometimes it feels like we’ve spent so much time trying to avoid nature, doesn’t it? As a kid, I remember my parents always wanting me to take a bath or get clean. As a mom of boys, I feel like I’m always hounding them to wipe their feet or get the mud off of their shoes before they track it around the house. But things are different, now. And people are embracing both the outdoors and the ways they can create a more nature-infused home.

I think we’re beginning to understand just how important it is to feel connected to the wider world; it brings us joy and helps to keep our mental health in check. While there’s much to love about visiting a beautiful state or national park, it’s not as if you can do that every day, so bringing nature closer in other ways is just as valuable.

Here are a few of my suggestions:

Put Plants Everywhere

Why not bring some nature into your life and make your home look even more beautiful by adding plenty of plants? Plants are one of those things where, once you have one, you’ll want more and more. And who cares if you add dozens? A woman in New York once turned her New York apartment into a rainforest, effectively, just by adding hundreds of plants.

What I mean is that you should get only as many as you can reasonably look after – even a few will improve the mood and air-quality of the home.

Try Natural Light

You won’t feel like you’re a part of nature if there’s such a clear divide between you and the outside world.

While you’ll need to have walls to protect yourself from the elements, you can tap into natural light to bring a freshness to your nature-infused home. The more natural light you have at your property, the more natural everything will feel. If your home is darker than it could or should be, then install new construction windows. They can have a hugely positive impact on the amount of sunlight that can pass into your home.

Consider Investing in the Yard

If you have a decent-sized yard, then you’ll have the perfect opportunity to create your own little slice of nature on your property. You can create a spectacular, zen-like space that can be relaxing, restorative, and even attract wildlife and insects. It’s not hard to do, either. You’ll want to add some plants, trees (if possible), and if your budget allows, some sort of fountain or water feature. You can even get the kids involved to make bird or insect feeders!

Create & Use Natural Elements

You should also look at the infrastructure of your property. Are the materials you’re using natural? If you can fill your property with wood and stone touches, then you’ll feel the natural-touch throughout. Plus, these materials can look really great and are in style at the moment if you’re looking to give your home a makeover!

Get Some Animals

Finally, why not bring some life into your property by adding…some actual life? If the timing (and budget) is right, you could potentially get a pet. Or, if that’s a little too much, you can make bird feeders, pinecone treats, or even create a mini pond in your yard to attract insects and other small reptiles.

You can create a more nature-infused home, even if you live in a space without a backyard or outdoor nook. You can get creative with what you have! Use posters or paintings of wildlife to create a more natural feel. You can also make subtle changes like playing waterfall or cricket sounds to make you feel like you’re outside.

In a time where we’ve all been cooped up for far longer than we anticipated, bringing nature to us is a must.

If you have other ideas or suggestions, feel free to share them! Or, check out other home hacks, right here.

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